Living the good life.

Oh how I love training.  Shorter hours for Ben (generally).  Great location.  Kids everywhere for my little ones to play with.  Life is pretty good for us.

Some other good news, some of our stuff (about 700 pounds) will be arriving today.  It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but due to rain, it was rescheduled for later this afternoon.  I am so excited to have some of my kitchen stuff (thanks Becky and Michelle for all of the suggestions), and my clothes.  I know I have mentioned before that we had to live out of duffle bags for a long time- well we are on day 50- I can't wait for a little variety.

Something else to be excited for- I just signed up for the lottery for tickets to for the White House Easter Egg Roll.  I hope we get it!

Can you feel the excitement?


A and L Stapley said...

can't imagine living out of a duffle bag for that long... ugh! I bet you are so ready for the rest of your stuff. So my brother and his family have done the easter egg roll there a couple times, they have always loved it... good luck!

Daniela Swider said...

How did you apply for the White House Easter egg roll. I'd love to throw our hat in the ring too. It would be lovely to do that before we leave the country.

Just US said...

YEAH for shorter work days for Ben! YEAH for UAB!! And a double YEAH for kiddos running around to play with. Hope your time there is fabulous!!