Already? Or you haven't left yet?

Thomas testing his new suitcase.

We pack out, again, later this coming week, and then the next week we finally make our way to Sri Lanka. Life is pretty busy around here, and after all this time we will be out of transition.

The boys have started counting down the days until we leave, well in their own four and two year old ways. Jack is saying things like, "We'll do that when we are in Sri Lanka next year" where 'next year' could mean anything from tomorrow to next year. Thomas says that we need to hurry to move to Sri Lanka so that we can make the brownies that are in our consumables shipment. We all have our priorities. Mine? I am trying to plan my outfits for the 24 hours that we are spending in Paris. And Ben? I think he is simply hoping we all survive the next few weeks. History has shown the two weeks prior to departure and two weeks after arrival are usually filled with high emotions. (Usually from yours truly, but is there anyone surprised by that?)

We have our suitcases, carry ons, and a travel hair dryer. We are ready. Well almost, or not really. At this point I don't know what else we can do to prepare.

One thing I do need to do is plan fun things for the boys while we are stuck on the airplane. I have been looking at pinterest for good ideas, and I have been surprised by the amount of noisy ideas for entertaining kids. I am not a huge fan of taking anything noisy on a plane and giving other passengers more reasons to wish my children into a Benadryl induced sleep. Any ideas?

In the mean time we are enjoying our time left.

Happy weekend, friends!


Kelly said...

Dude we totally have trunkies! They are the best!! I love the comments from people in the airport when the kids go scooting past on them.

Lisonbee said...

I bought some smaller toys like plastic animals and then I brought that tacky stuff so that Chloe could stick them down on her pull down tray and set up a little world to play with. I also let them have a "new toy" for each new airplane they boarded which was 4 planes for us. That made the start off more fun. Etch a sketchs are great for 4 yr olds too. Hope it helps and good luck those are long flights! Oh and I change them into pajamas for the night flight right before I give them some "sleep aide" for my little ones.

Nomads By Nature said...

Twistable crayons (the crayon can twist up to color or twist down into the "pen" so it doesn't break or mark) and a small notebook. Have a safe and fun flight! I am jealous of your stop in Paris and of your two years in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

I normally hit up the dollar section at target or the dollar store. they normally have lots of little travel toys and when the pieces get lost on the plane or in transit we consider it a casualty of the move and walk on! Michael's is also a good dollar section...they have little water color books so you just need a q-tip and some water and the colors are on the pages.
Blessings with your move! I can't believe it is already that time again. we pack out in June and head back to DC for a season. And I think my husband is so relieved to maybe skip the emotional transition this time :)
kristen @www.seasonsworthsavoring.com

Daniela Swider said...

Best of luck!We just went through that and it wasn't too bad. Minus the stop in Paris though because we had two cats, so I am a little jealous. When our daughter was your sons' ages she loved to color on the plane. They have these magic coloring books that use just one "magic" marker - less stuff to lose. She now watches movies and reads (when she's not whining, that is because she does that too).

I meant to check on you at Oakwood but we were there for only a few days and were so busy with pre-departure stuff that I didn't have a chance. You should come and visit us in Delhi.

Jill said...

Splurge and get your kids iPods. I know it sounds insane ... but it was THE best suggestion someone gave us years ago.

They can watch their own movies. Watch their own TV shows. And best of all - they have their own earphones ... so you don't have to bother anyone else.

AND, it's small. Doesn't take up much space. And you can charge it anywhere. Oh yeah - bonus is that you'll have it when you get to Sri Lanka and you can take it on your road trips.

No more, "Are We There Yet?".

Get at least 16GB. And if you're uber crazy like us - we got the iTouch last year.

Still thanking myself for it ...