As soon as you are ready.

Okay friends.  I am going to help you out here, because, as you know, I am a very helpful person.

I know that several of you are going to be coming out here (right?), and in order to prepare, I have come up with ways to make the trip a soaring success.

Since we have lived here OVER three weeks, this makes me an expert.  An extremely helpful expert.

Let me start of by telling you that I am totally in the honeymoon stage of living here.  Almost everything fascinates me, and the novelty of the inconveniences has not yet worn off.  For example, not having a car, and riding in tuk-tuks as our main transportation.

I am guessing that if you come to visit, it will not be more than three weeks, so you too will stay in the fascination stage while you are here.

First thing to prepare, it is hot and humid here.  People told us that Colombo is like Virginia in August, but I think it is more extreme than that.  (It is the hottest time of the year however, and I have heard this year has been particularly hot.)  You will want to wear cotton and sandals.  Men wear shorts here, women wear mostly skirts (knee length and longer), and both women and men wear flip-flops and other sandals.  Bring lots of deodorant, and something to wipe the sweat from your brow (Ben calls it a sweat rag).

Second, this is a huge cash-only place.  They take credit cards, but cash is the best way to go.

Third, you will want bug spray.  I get bit ALL the time, although the rest of the family does not seem to attract the bugs like I do.  I wear bug spray nearly from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.  I smell horribly, but I really don't care.  I could use some smell good products (lotion, perfume), but I am afraid of attracting more bugs.

Forth, prepare for some yummy food, and some amazing adventures.  We haven't left the city yet, but there are so many things to do and see!

Perhaps after awhile, I will have more advice, but for now, this should suffice.  I think I have written enough.

Here are some pictures to enjoy.  These pictures were taken on the same day.  Cows in the middle of the road and the Indian Ocean.  It was awesome.


Lisa said...

You must taste especially sweet. How does that saying go? Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, and boys are made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. The mosquitoes are just confirming it.

Sara said...

I'm the same way with bugs!!! We wore bug spray 24/7 in Manila. Not so much here luckily. Enjoy that honeymoon stage!!! So fun.

eula_w said...

Inspiring blog you have in here. Will be back to read more. :)

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Fields of Heather said...

Love the pictures-but you have me at the food. Yes, its all about the yummies.

Just US said...

Love this blog post!! Mosquitos track me down too. Hopefully they will stop liking you soon!