Settling in.

Hello.  It's me.  Emily.  Do you remember me?

I feel like it has been forever.  Maybe because I have wanted to post a lot of things of late, but haven't had the time, nor the energy to do much the last few days.

The reason-

Our shipment from Tijuana arrived last week, and with it, we have been busy unpacking, organizing, doing laundry, finding a place for everything, trying hard not to get frustrated with things that made the trek across the ocean, and some that did not.  
I will say, however, that our movers did a wonderful job packing.  There were a few bruises on some things, but nothing was broken.  We ended up with a bunch of hats and scarves and other winter items that were intended for storage, but after thinking it through, if we go anywhere that is cold  not hot, over the next two years, we are going to need some serious winter clothes.

We I (only speaking for myself here) am settling in nicely.  
(I think everyone is settling in nicely, but you will have to ask them if you want to know.)

I am enjoying our house (although storage is nearly non-exsistant).  Jack is registered for school. Things are good.

I would go in to more detail, however, I think this is getting a little wordy.  I have heard that people lose interest when there are too many words.  

Are you still there?

(Next time, I am going to give you some ideas of how to prepare for your trip to come visit.)

See you soon. 


Daniela Swider said...

Cute picture (the first one)!

Kelly said...

Wiat what? I lost you at I am settling in... Ha! JUST KIDDING! Chris and I got our bed rails in Timor, just the rails, nothing else. What the heck? If they show up in Paris someone is going to be in trouble. And pretty sure those scarfs will help when you come to Paris this fall! Have you started planning our trip to the maldives? Dasha and I are soooo IN!

Sara said...

Ugh! The transitions. Love your skirt in the first photo. So glad you are making home again.

The Teeples Times said...

One thing I hate about moving...unpacking!! Good luck! I am glad to hear you're settling in well. It's an adjustment period and it sounds like you're sailing through it!

Sanz said...

Any culture shock?