This post is dedicated to my husband Ben.  He loves these bats.  Well, I don't know about LOVE, but every time he tells someone about Sri Lanka, he mentions the bats. 
 He is impressed by their size, and quite honestly, these are the biggest bats I have ever seen.  Seriously HUGE.
They come out every night around the time the sun is totally down, and it is starting to be dark.   On a lot of nights, you can find us on our porch watching them. They fly all in the same direction (generally), every night, then during the day, they hang out in one of the parks here in town. 

 Bats "hanging" out in a tree.

Seriously so huge.  We have been told that some bats can have a wing span of up to six feet!

I am guessing that since there are so many bats here, there are also vampires.  It might explain the crazy number of blood sucking and subsequent red (itchy) marks on my skin.  Oh, maybe that is just the mosquitos that seem to only like me- even with bug spray on.

Either way, I am only partially convinced that these creatures don't turn into vampires.  Really, wouldn't that be cool?  They are nice vampires like the "Twilight" vampires, and not so much like those found in "Dracula".  Just saying.  Since this is my imagination, that is the way it works.  Maybe we will have them over for a dinner party.  We will serve {virgin} Bloody Mary's and steak tartare.  It is going to be awesome.

Anyway, the bats are huge, and we love watching them.  I just hope they don't end up in our house, like the time one flew into our apartment in New Jersey.

The end.


Liz said...

Ewww bats! I have always been afraid of bats! It would be cool though if they were (twilight) vampires.

Just US said...

Those bats are crazy huge!!! I like your vampire theory especially since I am the only one in our family that gets eaten alive even with bug spray on too.

Anja said...

those are totally creepy....

Little Crazies said...

so, you have cockroaches + bats this big?? hmmm... that sounds like a lot of weird creatures you have to deal with on top with the kids... :)

Kristy said...

Dude. Those are huge! Crazy! You guys should do what we do when we watch the bats here...take a tennis ball and throw in up in the air and watch the bats dive after it. But we do that with "normal" bats...I don't know if the gigantor bats will go for it...maybe they are smarter because they are vampires:)

Jessica said...

eeeeekkkkk!!! Huge bats! You'll have to fill us in on whether or not the Sri Lankan vampires can go out in the sun there or not. And figure out how many times you can be bitten before you turn into one. The literature varies widely on that.

Connie said...

Bats are awesome creatures and, while the big ones might be fruit bats, I always love to see the little ones flying about because those eat up bugs by the pound. Anything that eats bugs is a good animal in my book.