Good Eats.

Hello friends. I am going to attempt to convince as many of you as I can to come visit us. I realize that it can be rather expensive to fly here, but once you get here, you will be treated to many wonders. As we are going to be here for only two years, that gives you, my dear friends and family, time to plan.

Here are some of the yummy things that will greet you.

Rice and chicken in a curry sauce with salad and green beans in coconut curry sauce. (Sister Jodie, I think you would LOVE all the curry here.)

From the bakery down the street. Donut with chocolate mousse in the middle and an eclair and cream puffs. So delicious.

We are ready for you as soon as you decide to come!



Anne said...

Ooh, yum! Please tell me there is an ARSO slot opening up next fall!! ;)

The Teeples Times said...

mmm...how much is that plane ticket!? So glad you have a delicious bakery nearby...seriously...it means all will be alright! Love the earlier post with the bats - that's pretty cool. I would sit out and watch them too. Glad you're finding things to keep yourself entertained. :)

Just US said...