Seven years.

Ben and I have been married seven years. Today (well not today when you read this, but when I wrote it).  We are not doing anything to celebrate because we don't have anyone to watch the children. We could go out with the boys, but quite frankly the idea sends me into convulsions. They haven't been very well behaved the last few days, and with no escape, they have been rubbing my nerves raw.

My poor nerves.

Now is when Ben comes in and comments on how he has a "high respect for my nerves, they are {his} old friends...these last {seven} years at least," the audience laughs, we kiss, the kids gag, and the curtains close. Cute, no? Perfect, right? Hmm...

Speaking of Jane Austen, I would definitely describe our life together as a Jane Austen novel. Tales tales of intrigue, true love, and happy endings. Very predictable and extremely cliche, but altogether lovely and what everyone dreams of.

Too much? Yeah, I think so, too.

I would have never thought seven years ago, we would be where we are now. I thought we would be living next to his brother, in Utah. (Which would have been AWESOME, right Chris and Monica?)

I did know that no matter what he did, or where we were, Ben would make me happy, and we could have a good life. I knew he was a good catch then, and I still think so now. We have a good life together.

We just need to figure out what to do with our angels...

Boarding school? Do you think they have that for preschoolers?


Okay, half J/K.

Never mind.

Back to the point.

B+E 4ever
My school ID-taken the semester we met.

Pictures taken on our anniversary.  So good looking. 


A Daring Adventure said...

B+E 4EVER!!!

So cute!!!!

Hope all is well there? Hope you're settling in well?

So glad you have internet!!!

That always makes for happier days for the Mama!!

Liz said...

Happy anniversary!

Anja said...

you guys are so cute! I'm so happy for you!

Lisonbee said...

I wonder if Sri Lanka nannies are tough like I have heard German Nannies are?!? look into it! :o)

The Teeples Times said...

congrats!! You two are such a cute couple and have had and are having so many great adventures together and that is priceless!! Here's to another 50 years for you two.

Just US said...

Congrats!!!! Next time just bring those silly boys over here!

Sarah said...

So are you saying you would still have been happy if you were barefoot and living in a trailer park in Provo? ;)
Happy anniversary (late)