Finding a second wife.

I recently read a book called "Love Times Three: Our True Story of a Polygamous Marriage". It was about a family in Utah that practices polygamy. It was an interesting book about a man, his three wives and their children.

When I told Ben what I was reading, he was a little nervous. I think he was worried that I would finish it, and decide that I wanted to find a second wife to join our family. Can you imagine? Trying to explain a second wife to Ben's job? "Ummm...yes, she is our...well...kind of a housekeeper...". That qualifies as a member of household (MOH), right?


I don't want a second wife but I certainly thought about what it would be like. What kind of woman I would want to join or family. Here are some of the qualifications she would need (listed in no particular order):


  1. Cannot be prettier or smaller than me, but around the same size so we can share clothes.
  2. Like basketball (that's for Ben)?
  3. If she wants children, she has to bring her own.
  4. Must love to travel, cleaning, doing dishes, sleeping in the smaller bedroom.
  5. She would need to have a calmer personality that I have. Can you imagine two of me in one family? No way, we need a calming influence in this house. Just saying.


I am sure there are more things, but really, I haven't put that much thought into it. Besides, I think that having a second wife, or sister wife would be extremely difficult. Not to mention illegal and against the beliefs of my religion. You know, the Mormons.




Besides, we now have a helper, and that has taken care of my desire for help around the household and with the children.


Something to think about, huh? Have you ever thought about a second wife, and what she would be like? Or maybe I'm the only one...




Anonymous said...

I have actually thought about this (due to too much watching of Big Love :P) as well!

Mostly I've thought: No No NO NO NO on all accounts since I enjoy my quiet alone time far too much (and I don't share well) but it would be nice to have someone who doesn't mind doing the things I hate doing like taking out the garbage or killing bugs. :P Ewww or fishing things out of the garbage disposal. So scary!

Liz said...

I watch that show sister wives on tlc. Crazy! I could not handle sharing my house or my husband. First i am way too jealous and way to needy to only have dustin at my house every 4 days like the ladies on that show do. Also i am very controlling and i have a strict schedule that i go by. I would get way annoyed if some chick came in and messed it up.

Just US said...

I wouldn't want a second wife but I decided if something happens to Chris my sister and I could grow old and be spinsters together. That was until she got married :)

Sara said...

Not being Mormon (although everyone assumes we are for whatever reason), I haven't actually thought about sharing My family with another woman although I've done some reading about polygamy and the Mormon faith. I read Under the banner of Heaven which I imagine isn't exactly praised as a good view of the Mormon religion but a very fascinating look at a very tiny portion of fanatic Mormon fundamentalists. Anyway, it was a very interesting and sad read-the poor victims...Anyway, I wouldn't be able to share my husband at the basic level. He's all mine!!!