Slightly embarrassed, but not deterred.

I took some pictures of our house, with all of the newly hung pictures on the walls.  I was so excited to show all of you my house with everything where it should be.  Then I looked at the pictures, and I was suddenly aware of how WHITE the walls are.  The truth is, I don't mind white walls.  I think the house looks great, and I absolutely love it.  However, in the little snippets that I have, it doesn't translate into what I feel when I look at it.  

The same goes for my brilliant use of the fabric that I once thought could be a cute skirt (with box pleats and cute pockets and everything-here is what it was supposed to look like.).  When I came up with the idea of using the fabric for another purpose, I thought it was brilliant, then as time went on, and Ben had no idea what it was supposed to be, and it just doesn't look that great.  I will even show you that.

Here are the pictures.  I am slightly embarrassed by the lack of decorations, and the blank walls, but nonetheless, I give you our house:

The guest room, now known as the Russian Room. 
There are actually more pictures on the walls, but I couldn't fit it in.

 The guest room sitting area.  Also known as the Paris room.

 The fancy sitting area.  (As in, we don't use it very often.)

The hallway up the stairs.  I must say, I added this, because I painted each of these frames.  
I don't know if you can tell, but we are holding signs that spell out LOVE.  Cute, huh?

 The Hallway. 
I really like this arrangement of pictures.  The writing on the one print is a scripture from the Book of Mormon found in 2 Nephi 25:26

 This is the everyday room.  Toys, TVs, phones, really awesome air conditioner.  You know.  The room we spend most of our time in.

Last but not least, the skirt turned decoration, that even now, I really don't think it is that great, but I feel at a loss for the unused fabric. 
It is supposed to be an American Flag-type.  I am not offended if you don't see it right away, Ben didn't.  Once he did, he said that it was "umm...well...neat". 

Maybe I could make this frame could be a holiday frame, and I could change the fabric out to make it go with whatever holiday.  This red fabric can go for at least three.  (4th of July, Christmas, and of course Valentine's Day.)   
Or I could just give up, and save the frame for something else.

There you have it friends.  I posted pictures of our house and decorations, even though, it is kind of sparse.  I guess the thing is, I don't mind the white walls, and everything hanging on the walls makes it feel like home.  I just wish my house could be more decorated.  You know, like a magazine or pinterest.  How all the cool kids do it.


Anja said...

I like the fabric flag, I think it's cute! good job!

Liz said...

I like your house, I think you have done a great job decorating. I especially like the bright blue frames you painted. I love that color. I like the fabric flag, I could tell what it was right away. It's cute!

Fields of Heather said...

Ahhhh pinterest, guaranteed to make me feel inadequate as a decorator! But I think you've done a great job-love love love the pictures. And don't give up on sewing so fast, you'll get the hang of it!

Little Crazies said...

It looks great, Emily!!! And i feel your pain, i duck at decorating as I grew up in a country of no pretty stuff and rugs on the walls.
And I like your flag art!!! :)

Sara said...

I love the powder blue frames and I might have to steal the chalk board in a photo idea! I love it. I also like the flag idea and I totally got it right away. What if you took it out and hand stitched it so it had a quilted effect. Maybe add a bit of stuffing in strategic places underneath and add a backing then stitch so it has more depth. Stitch a heart or zig zags with the zig zags! I love fabric as wall hangings.

Just US said...

Great job! I think you have done a great job of decorating your house!

Horgy said...

The people make the house so it is a great house with all of you in it!

Rebekah said...

your house is awesome! I love the flag!

Jessica said...

Pinterest gets me all excited to be crafty and then totally bummed when my creation does not look as awesome as the pinned version. I have been working on a door wreath for my front door that is just not happening.
I love the color of those blue frames!