Green Power Ranger

Jack has taken to my camera.  At first, I was kind of upset, however, if he breaks it, I get a new one.  See where I am going with this?  Yes, I thought you would.  You are very brilliant.

I had to delete a lot of pictures off of my camera, about two hundred, of random things around the house.  Some of the pictures that Jack took, were actually quite good.  Others, well, he's five, and he is seemed fascinated by taking pictures of his toys, and ultra close-ups.
These pictures that I picked were my favorite.  I think mostly because both Jack and Thomas worked together to create it.
I call it "Green Power Ranger".


Kelly said...

I think he has a future in photography. You owe it to him to buy a really nice camera. I mean come on, you are supporting his artistic side and that is a MUST right?

Sara said...

Love this! I also love the chocolate all over his hands in the last one. It's so fun to see what the kids find photo worthy!

Just US said...

Gotta love the teamwork!! Such a great photo collection of memories!

The Teeples Times said...

Love it! I too noticed the chocolate all over his hands...love that too!