Happy Birthday, Ben.

We celebrated Ben's birthday this year on two days.  The first day, Ben and I went on a date.  We went to dinner and a movie, and it was fabulous.  Then we had cake and ice cream with the boys when we got home.
The next day, Ben's actual birthday, we made a special breakfast of french toast and scrambled eggs.  As per Ben's request.  Then I took the boys to the pool so Ben could have a few hours to relax and do whatever he wanted to do.  When we came home, we opened presents; this year Ben wanted some University of Utah athletic wear, and a CD.  He is not very demanding for gifts, but I think he is saving up for some sort of tablet device.  We just have to figure out how to get it here, since we cannot ship such devices to ourselves.  That night we had some friends over from church for Family Home Evening.  We had more cake and sang, again.
He had a good birthday.

I am excited about this particular birthday because all year he has made fun of me for being so old, but now he is thirty as well.  He is no longer a young adult, but a full fledged grown-up.  Welcome to the club, husband.

I love Ben, and am so grateful for him, and all he does for me and our two boys.  He is a great man.


Liz said...

Happy Birthday Ben!

The Teeples Times said...

That cake looks pretty dang bright....are you sure it's only 30? ha ha Sounds like what Tad would want for gifts...thank goodness we don't have demanding, extravagant husbands...I guess that means we can be the demanding, extravagant ones then, right? Happy Birthday Ben!

Just US said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday to Ben!