What I Love.

I love brooches.
They are are all over the place this season, and I am super excited about it.
The good thing is, to find a good one, you don't have to spend a lot of money. I bought the two flowers from a thrift store. The scenery one I have had since my days in Moscow. The round one I bought a few months ago on etsy.com (less than $15.00). I don't know where the pink one came from...

Brooches have been around forever, so a thrift or consignment store is a perfect place to find them, or your mom's jewelry box. I wish I had a thrift store close.  Or my mom.

Brooch it up. Wear more than one. Go crazy, wear three.
Make your collar sparkle.

Once a week, I am going to write more about the things I love. It can be anything. Books, clothes, food, my kids, anything. It is a way to see what I am most passionate about, what I would want to do if I ever decide I want a career.

Do you want to join me? What do you love?


Liz said...

I love your brooches! My two favorite brooches are ones that your family sent me from Russia. I also love and appreciate vintage jewelry. If it is big, shiny and let's face it somewhat gaudy...I love it!

Kolena locksa said...

I can't see your pictures. :(

I love pictures. Looking at them, taking them, whatever! <3

Crystal Farish said...

I LOOOOOVE brooches too (as you well know). I'm always on the hunt.

About Germany . . . for some reason, my teenage son Eden is in love with the place. :) He traveled there this summer for a week with my husband. Eden has to take a languange in school and he opted for German. Our school system doesn't teach it so he's taking it online through BYU. I took it in middle school, and loved it, so Eden installed the ap on my phone so I could practice. It's been fun.