How to look like a tourist. Another tutorial by yours truly.

There are many ways to stand out as a tourist.  I will only go into two different ways that I commonly see and/or have done myself (perhaps did today).

Today Jack and I played tourist and went to the Gangaramaya Temple, here in Colombo.  

One:  Carry a guide book with you.  When in doubt, open it up.  Maybe in the middle of the road, stopping to make sure you are in fact supposed to be crossing the road.  Perhaps stopping traffic; creating another obstacle for the many motorists to go around (hopefully).  This may bring into mind a joke about a chicken and a road.

Step Two:  Wear a shirt that is from the place you are visiting.  Really.  You don't see many locals wearing shirts from their own city.  I mean, how many people from New York City wear the I (heart) NY shirts?  Very few, if any.  How many French people wear shirts with the Eiffel tower on it?  Pretty sure not many.  You want to look like a tourist, wear a shirt you have just bought.  
(Think of the movie "What about Bob?")

There you have it.  Two ways to look like a tourist.  

Now, like I said I have in fact done both of these things. (Well, I don't think I have opened a guidebook in the middle of the road, but I have seen it done.)  I don't think that looking like a tourist is always a bad thing.  In fact, I think being a tourist can be exciting.  

There are a lot more ways to look like a tourist.  What are some of your favorites?

Of course, when you are a tourist, you must, must, must take a picture of everything.
And...you must take pictures of everything your guide tells you to take pictures of.  Then when they ask for a tip, you can thank them for these little gems:

I would like to thank Jack for tagging along with me.  He was a little reluctant to come with me, but he was so good AND had a good time.  Win-win.


Kelly said...

Looks like an awesome place! Totally jealous of the warm weather

Little Crazies said...

Hey, you look like a local without the shoes :))) I also like how tourists take lots of pictures of themselves posing around things.
But we'll have plenty of practice when we're in Paris. To begin, you'll be wearing a beret :)))

The Teeples Times said...

Awesome pictures!! What a great experience you guys are having. I was thinking the same thing about the no shoes...you must be local, except for the Sri Lanka shirt. ha ha