Bonfire on a beach.


The Embassy community gathered to welcome all of our newcomers this weekend. This event did not disappoint. The highlight for me was the food, and the bonfire. There was a contest of who could bring the most interesting thing to burn (within reason). And since I am incredibly shy and generally avoid anything that would bring added attention to myself, (really? are you buying that? Didn't think so.) I brought an old bra. It brought a few laughs and I won a bottle of wine. Since I don't drink alcohol, I donated it to a friend.

It was a good night, and I will tell you, that now is a great to live in Colombo. There are some amazing people here right now. Not just in the Embassy community either. Everywhere I turn, there are fabulous people.

Hurry, hurry, if you are in the Foreign Service, and Colombo is on your bid list, I TOTALLY recommend it.


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