Walking around town.

We decided to take a walk around Colombo yesterday. There is a lake in the middle of town, complete with a Buddhist temple and an island we have named "island of love" as nearly everyone was sucking face whispering sweet nothings into their companions ears. It was great fun for everyone, as our adventure also included a ride in the swan boats.

It was a great day. Walking around was fun. However, our kids need to walk more. Jack and Thomas both complained quite a bit after a few minutes. Jack made it the entire way, but I ended up carrying Thomas. Oh well, hopefully someday they will enjoy walking around town. Either that, or they will be old enough so Ben and I can leave them at home. Both situations equal a Win-win.






Little Crazies said...

I love walks like this! Except for when kids start complaining... But I like your solution to wait till they're old enough to leave them at home. :) Perfect!

Crawford Family said...

The kicker is when they are old enough to walk to whole way is when they refuse to go on fun family walks :( Looks awesome!

Rebekah said...

your adventures are so cool!