The other side of a perfect vacation.

I love the anticipation for vacation.  It's not only exciting, but gives me something to plan and to look forward to.  I never know if the vacation is going to be anywhere near as good as I expect it to be, but I don't care-anticipation is awesome.

And this time, our vacation this summer was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  

Now the vacation is over, and we are back into real life.  

And I am having a hard time adjusting to real life.

Before we left, Sri Lanka was awesome.  I loved almost everything about it.  I had a great routine, the boys had a great routine, and our life here was nearly perfect.  I had grown accustom to life here, and really enjoyed it.

Sri Lanka hasn't changed.  Life here is pretty much the same as it has always been, but I keep comparing here to there.  Everyday conveniences and people that I miss.  

I need to remember how much I love it here.  

It is awesome here.  We have great friends, we have an awesome house, and as of Monday we have another helper in our home.  

Hopefully soon, I will get over this funk and life will be back to the way it was before the perfect vacation.  

I think I need something to plan.  Perhaps a birthday party for yours truly, or a weekend trip to the beach.  I think that will help.  Yes, I think it will.  

See, things are looking up already.


Kelly said...

I was just tlaking to my friend today about how it is going to be hard when all our friends come back from their vacations back tot he states in a few weeks because they will all be depressed and we live in PARIS! It is just hard to go "home" when leaving your REAL home. I think it is better for me just to stay for the long haul and not totally realize just how much I am missing. I am sure you will be right as rain soon and there is always our girls weekend this spring to look forward too!

The Teeples Times said...

That's how I always felt after we went back to new Jersey and all of our family was in Utah. It seemed to take me about a week to remember how I was ever happy before. I agree...plan something fun.

SilentSahan said...

Its really good . Keep on writing ... :)

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Rebekah said...

I think your life is awesome! What an adventure you guys are living. I'm a little jealous....