Turning around.

We have been back a few weeks now, and as most of my friends told me would happen- I remember why I love living here.  
Jet-lag has been conquered, we have been hanging out with friends, and school starts for Jack tomorrow.  

You could say that things are looking up for our family.

Some pictures of our lovely adventures.

Sri Lankan food at a friends house. 
String hoppers, dhal, sambal, and other curry yummies.

These are our friends who had us over for dinner and the missionary couple assigned to Colombo.

Then we spent the day at a beach resort with some friends.
Playing by the pool:

The view of the beach from our pool loungers:

Entertaining the boys while eating at the hotel restaurant:


Nomads By Nature said...

The food pic is making my mouth water. Sri Lankan 'village food' is still among our favorites! I even found a distributor on line in Kentucky through whom I am hoping to get string hopper flour and a replacement noodle strainer. We wore ours out/consumed our supply from Oman where we could get Sri Lankan food at the local grocery store. Enjoy your hoppers,parippu, and sambols and have an extra helping just for us!!

Lisonbee said...

Glad you found your groove again! Love your shirt by the pool you were wearing. Cute as always!

Rebekah said...

Paradise is easy to love. :)