Christmas Eve.

I love Christmas Eve.  

I think it is my favorite- the kids behave really well, since the anticipation of Santa coming creates angelic behavior in almost every child. 

We played with legos and made dinner- tacos! Complete with beef from Australia. 

We read the bible story of the birth of Jesus, in Luke 2.

Complete with pictures.
And proof that Jack picks his nose and checks out what came out. 
You're welcome.

Then we opened the traditional pajamas and took the obligatory picture in front of the Christmas tree.

Then we scattered magic reindeer food in the backyard (thanks Grandpa and Lani).

All ready for Santa.

And now for tomorrow.  

Ben and I have a bet on which child is going to cry first, most likely from disappointment, since each child has changed their "lists" at least five times in the last week. (And if you are lucky, we will photo-document that moment.)  

But let's not focus on the negative.  

Let's focus on the fact that this evening was perfect.

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Little Crazies said...

Haha! You cracked me up with Jack's nose picking. :) Had a good laugh about it.
But yeah, Merry Christmas, guys! Love you and miss you!