Stonehenge, Big Ben and an announcement.

How is that for a loaded post? 
I went to London for two weeks because my dear friend, Dasha was expecting a baby.  She is currently living in Bulgaria, but decided to have her baby in London. I happily volunteered to come help to make sure that her girls were taken care of when she and her husband went to the hospital.  You know, I am just so magnanimous.  Or I really wanted to see Dasha and go to London.

Anyway. We had a great time, and one weekend we even had Kelly cross the English Channel with her two girls, and so for that entire weekend it was EIGHT girlies and Dasha's poor husband, Matt. He might not have had a great time, there may have been a vomit incident in the car where his daughter barfed on his FACE- GROSS. BUT the girls did.  We went to Stonehenge, saw Frozen, and just had a great girls weekend. 

The rest of the trip we went shopping, walking, went to the parks, drank hot chocolate, had Chipotle, ate soup. It was so much fun to hang out with Dasha and her family. 

I was able to see Big Ben and pay tribute to my own darling husband, with the same name. *wink wink*
AND the best part was little baby girl Sonia came while I was there! 

NOW for the announcement part of this post. 
Have I told you our next assignment?  You know, where we are moving this summer? No, well, we are going to 


To answer some questions:
Yes, this is with Ben's current job. He works for the State Department in Diplomatic Security, and they have offices all over the United States, and Greensboro is one of them. 

Yes, we are excited.

AND we are not that far from Washington DC, so we are hoping for a few road trips up there. 
Or perhaps you would like to come to NC for some beach time?  Yes?!?!  North Carolina is A LOT closer to almost all of our friends than Sri Lanka, just sayin'.

All the girls. 
So much different from the two boys I have at home, but SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Emma (Dasha's oldest daughter) and me in front of Big Ben.  We were there right when it struck 12, which was pretty sweet.


Lisa said...

I think you'll like Greensboro. I'm just sad you'll be arriving in NC just when we're leaving.

Little Crazies said...

So grateful that you came to help me, Emily! You were a huge help and my girls loved you! Needless to say I miss you quite a lot now when you're gone. We need to plan our next getaway with Kelly for the next year before we move to the land of sheep. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Greensboro! It's a great small city.

Rebekah said...

So jealous. I would LOVE to go to London. And I'm so happy for you to be back in the states!