I believe in God.  I believe in Jesus Christ.  I believe in prayer and in divine guidance.

The last few weeks have been a time of a lot of prayer and meditation for me.  Another thing that I turned to in order to find peace is attending the LDS Temple here in the area.  This is a story that happened when I attended the Temple last week.

I was just about to leave the Temple when a young missionary (probably 19 or 20 years old) came up to me and told me that he felt like he should come up to me and tell me that "it's going to be okay".  He didn't know why.  Immediately my eyes watered, and I felt the love of my Heavenly Father.  I know that everything is going to be okay.

Then, a few days, and a world away in Sri Lanka, Ben was talking to a very old man for work.  When I say very old, the man was about 92. When the conversation was ending, it turned to God and a little bit of religion, and the man told Ben that "when you do what Christ taught, everything will be okay".

Two very different messengers, but the same message.  Everything will be okay.

I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us.  He will let us know, if we look for it.  In this case, it was a simple message, but it was enough.  Ben and I don't know how everything is going to work out.  There are a lot of things up in the air right now, but we know that it will be okay. And that is enough for me.

I was out and about yesterday, and saw this- "We looked to one another for comfort"
It reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon, Mosiah 18:8-9

8 And it came to pass that he said unto them: Behold, here are the waters of Mormon (for thus were they called) and now, as ye are desirous to come into the fold of God, and to be called his people, and are willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light;
 Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in, even until death, that ye may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with those of the first resurrection, that ye may have eternal life—

Thank you for all of you who have mourned with me and comforted me and my family.  It has brought peace of heart and peace of mind during this difficult time; I hope that the richest blessing will be yours.


Kelly said...

It is also such a testament to listen when the spirit prompts you. How many times have I chickened out from saying something when who knows maybe that person was WAITING and prepared to hear it! I am so glad your messengers listened to the spirit! And I am sure everything will be BETTER then okay for you and Ben and the boys. Lots of LOVE!

The Teeples Times said...

That brought tears to my eyes! It's those little things, like Heavenly Father prompting the missionary to tell you that message, that really touches your heart and tells you that you matter to Him and that He loves you and wants you to be happy. I remember teaching a lesson a couple of years ago, and it dawning on me why it is called the Plan of Happiness. That is because He truly does want each of us to be happy and He knows how we can be happy. We need to trust in Him and rely on Him everyday and everything will be alright and we can be happy. Wish I could give you a great big hug! Love you!