I understand the airplane safety instructions.

I remember listening to the safety instructions on the airplane as a kid and thinking it was totally unrealistic.  The part where they say that you put your own mask on, and then you assist those you are traveling with.  What parent in their right mind would put their own mask on first? I NEVER got it.  How could you put your own mask on first- it seemed harsh and cruel.  


I miss my kids and and I miss Ben. Words cannot express it. As much as I want to be there with them, I realize that I have to take care of myself first. Being here and getting help not only helps me, but it will help me to be a better wife and mom for them.  As much as I want to fly to Sri Lanka right this moment, I have to be patient. 

I hope that it is not much longer, as things are going really well.  I know right now, that I am getting my mask secure, so that I can help those I am traveling with- this handsome lot right here.


Little Crazies said...

Ben has a nice head shape, just like your boys :) I am so glad you are doing well and I am sure you'll be going home soon! Remember, you are the greatest! :) Love you!

Rebekah said...

I hope you know how amazing you are.