Farewell Tour.

Absolutely lazy.
That's what I am. I had to upload pictures from multiple sources, and so these are in no particular order. 

Here is the story.
We were supposed to go to Bangkok last weekend, but there was a little bit of political unrest, so we changed our plans and stayed here in Sri Lanka.  I think all of us are really glad that we did.  It was a lot of fun.  We saw all sorts of awesome sights, and everyone had a great time.  It was great seeing what a beautiful and diverse country Sri Lanka is. This was the first trip that we have ever had that the boys did a great job, and we didn't have any major meltdowns.  It was pretty awesome.

We went to Yala National Park in a jeep, and this was our view during our "Safari".

This was the site of a villa, but it was destroyed by the Tsunami in 2004.

This is a memorial for the Tsunami, each of the metal sheets represents one of the waves that hit Sri Lanka.  It is incredible to see how high the water was.

This was at the train station- I am not sure why they had a separate wash room, but I do know that this was the only non-squatter toilet available. 

On the train.  We stood in the door for a long time, because it was fun to see everything pass by.

When we woke up, there were wild boar outside our room.  

Our first family hike. 


Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks like you guys had an amazing trip, and the love everyone in your family has for each other really shines through in the photos. What a wonderful way to say farewell to Sri Lanka.

Emily H said...

What a great little trip and hooray for no meltdowns!