Sometimes everything is NOT awesome.

Yesterday I posted on Facebook about how everything sucks right now. And it is true, it is really hard right now. Stress is high for everyone- it's the two week window right after we move somewhere. This time always gets us and we know that, and yet, it still gets us. EVERYTIME.

Yesterday after dragging the boys to six houses, we found a house that everyone LOVED. It had carpet for Ben, a fabulous kitchen for me, a backyard and great schools for the boys. I told the agent that we wanted it. She told me that no one had put in an application for it yet, and to fill in an application to get the process going. In the time it took for her to get back to the office and for us to go home to fill out the application, someone had already put in an application. Unfortunately for us, it is first come first serve. Talk about disappointment. Well not a few hours later, we get a call and the person who put in the application had the wrong house! There are two houses for rent next to each other and he wanted the other! Woot woot! So as long as our application is approved, we could have the house! Lots of prayers going on in our house right now.

Another great bit of news. Ben went up to DC this week to see some of the people in his chain of command. When he was there, they told him that they don't call guys from Ben's office very often to travel! So we could have another two years of not having Ben traveling very much for work!

As we can all see- not everything sucks.

Things are stressful, but there are some good things happening as well.

And we are almost out of the two week zone. We can do this.

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