Get this Greensboro party started.

Hello friends.

Since the last post, things are looking up for us. The initial settling into a new place have passed, and we are ready for the next few years.

Some happenings since we last met.

I went to visit my friend up in Virginia to say good bye before she and her family embarks on their next great adventure in Saudi Arabia.

It was an excellent weekend. Not only did I see two great friends, but I was by myself. Ben kept the boys so I could have a weekend in solitude. It was much needed and helped me recenter. I am so grateful for a husband who understands that sometimes I just need to be by myself. It is one of the things that makes Ben amazing.


Oh, and my friend and I got makeovers when we went out, and I share this picture because we are HOT!

In Virginia, I picked up a piece of furniture that I purchased in March. It is an old wash stand, and that top is real marble. (Thank you everyone who stored it for me and offered to store it. It is really heavy and awkward.)

We found a house. I really love this house, and the first thing I thought when we saw it was that every window needs a wreath and candle at Chrsitmas.

The boys started school. Kinder and grade two, these two are growing up.

We have been doing the needful. You know like getting drivers licenses and turning on utilities. This is us at the DMV, which I have decided is one of the best places to people watch. Seriously try it out.

We are all getting bikes, this will be my first bike as an adult and it the boys first bikes. Ever. It's kind of a big deal at our house.

And before I got a bike, I had to make sure that I had the perfect helmet. I am crazy about this one, as it has a variety of covers to chose from. I'm super excited to hit the streets of Greensboro soon, with my new cruiser and my helmet.


So there it is.

Things are going well, and to make things even better- after almost THREE months of living out of our suitcases- some of our stuff is going to be delivered this week!

Woot! Woot!

Life is good.



Natalie said...

We are so excited to have your family here in Greensboro! Yay!

Little Crazies said...

I am glad everything is looking up! And you look like sisters with your friend :)

Rebekah said...

I am so happy for you! I LOVE the helmet!

Emily H said...

Ok this isn't like you to go SO LONG without posting in your ol' blog!!