A Challenging List

I have been listening to a podcast called Bold New Mom and I was listening to a free class about increasing confidence.  She suggested making a list of 100 things that I like about myself. It turned out to be a challenge. Mostly because as I was making the list, I found myself wondering what other people would think of my list. Would they agree? Do other people think this of me? I realized how much I do think about what others think of me. I realized it didn't matter what other people thought of my list, it only mattered what I like about myself, and what I think I'm good at. It was a great assignment, that helped me see myself a lot better. I do have a lot of good things going for me. I'm pretty awesome. You should try it.  Because you're pretty awesome too.
Then I took this and applied it to my kids.  I made a list of 50 things I like about them.  It was also challenging.  However, for them, it was challenging to not give a backhanded compliment.  You know what I mean?  For instance, I love it when you don't fight with your brother.  I love it when you actually do your chores. I love it when you don't have an attitude.  I made up my mind to only speak positively about my kids, and it was great.  Now I need to make a list for Ben.

And while I made a list for the boys.  Thomas made one for me.  I thought it was super sweet.

I let Thomas add one to my list- #71- You are good at buying things.  

This is the list that Thomas made for me. 

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