Snow Day.

Wednesday night we received the phone call that school would be cancelled for the boys.  I still had work, but I wasn't worried because Ben said that whenever the schools were closed, his school would be closed as well. 
I went to bed thinking that Ben would be home to watch the boys so that I could go to work.  Unfortunately, Ben did have school, and I didn't have anyone to watch the boys.  I started texted my friends frantically trying to find a solution.  I even texted my boss to see if I could bring the boys to the library for the day.  Luckily, a friend stepped up and said she would watch the boys. 
I arrived at work, only to be sent home because of the icy conditions.  I went and picked up the boys, and we had an awesome day at home together.  It was awesome.

However, the situation made me think.  I love working.  I have a perfect job with perfect hours, and I have extra "me" money every month.  It has been exceptional. Unfortunately, next year, our lives are going to be very different. Ben's job will require him to travel a lot, and I won't have anyone to watch the boys if there is ever a snow day.  Or during the summer, or when the boys have days off. It is pretty sad. I have time to get over it, and perhaps I will be able to find another miracle job that will work. But for right now, I enjoy my job.  I enjoy having a reason to get dressed, a way to get out of the house everyday.

Snow Day Diversions

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Natalie said...

I'm so glad you love your job so much! I hope that you can find somethings similar when you move. It seems to be the perfect fit for your personality!