Oh to be home.

We are home from our trip out to Utah. It was not at all what we planned. The first part of the trip went perfectly. The day we arrived, we were able to go to one of Ben's cousin's wedding reception, and see a lot of his family. That was awesome, I love seeing them! We stayed the first few nights with Ben's dad and Lani, and that was great. We watched the Super Bowl with Lani's family had yummy food, and good times. The best part, Ben won $1.75 off the game. He accurately predicted the half time score and the total score of the game. Amazing! We were able to see Ben's brother and his family, and his mom and sister. It was really nice to see them.

The rest of the trip was not as exciting. We went up to my parents house near Logan, and it was great to see them. Unfortunately, our little Jack came down with a nasty cough, and we ended up at an Urgent care, and had to get him on antibiotics. He had an ear infection and a bad cold. He was miserable and wasn't sleeping, so neither were we. Then both Ben and I came down with a very similar cold, and we were all struggling to be alive. We had a night away planned, but we had to cancel. Major bummer. Oh well, we were able to hang out with my family, and by the end, Jack was feeling much better. It was really good to see family, and we are sad about those that we missed.

I only took a few pictures, definitely a missed opportunity. These were the highlights.

Jason, Ben and Jodie playing Wii
Jack and Addie playing.

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