I love it.

Today I thought I would just say how grateful I am to be pregnant. I love being pregnant. When I was pregnant with Jack I would tell everyone that if having kids was based solely on being pregnant, I would have dozens of kids. I think being pregnant might be one of my favorite things, ever. Don't get me wrong, with Jack I gained at least 50 pounds- (I think it was closer to 60, but I stopped looking). I break out, have a hard time wearing contacts, and other things that aren't very pleasant, and I really don't look very good at all. Nonetheless, I love it. You know, I am only halfway through this pregnancy, so something could come up, but today, things are great. I LOVE IT.
Oh, Ben and I are going in for the big ultrasound on Monday. I really think it is a girl, and everyone I talk to thinks its a girl, but we all have a 50/50 chance.
Things are great.


Anja said...

your so cute...let's see that belly too!

Emily said...

Yes! Belly pics, please!
Being pregnant is pretty cool, but it is definitely the easiest part of the process.

Can't wait to hear how things go!!

I am guessing GIRL too!