Pictures from the trip from Chicago.

Jack would watch the cars, trucks and people passing by.

The view.

Poor Jack sick in bed.


Anonymous said...

Poor Jack...I just read all your amazing experience with Jack sick. Good to know that he is better now, but how you said, maybe next time you will be able to see other sites and take a walk through the city.

Emily said...

Em! You made it to the Final 10!!
The countdown is ON!!
I'm less than 30 days now!

Amazing view! Poor lil Jack...looks so little and lonely, all sick. I'm sure his mom and dad gave him lots of comfort during that hard time.

Hello There! said...

Seeing the pic of lil' Jack all tucked in bed, I just want to give him a great big get well hug.

Kristy said...

Poor Jack! You gotta love how he is covered with a towel and not a blanket... a going-to-throw-up-at-any-moment classic. Nice. Well I am glad that he is feeling better and that he guys had such a cool view:)