Memorial Day.

We had a fabulous Memorial Day! We went to our church for a BBQ. Jack loved running around outside, and loved his lunch of chips and brownies. What a lucky kid!

The highlight of the day was when Jack wanted to play with the big kids in a water fight. The first two pictures show Jack playing along, and doing his thing. The third picture shows when he was soaked. The last picture is the traumatic ending of our fun day.


Emily said...

Jack is just funny...trying to grow up too fast!

Liz said...

Jack is too cute! He has really gotten to be a big kid. You look adorable as well Emily, as always!

Hello There! said...

It's all fun and games until someone gets soaked ;-) Glad you guys were able to spend some family time celebrating the holiday.

Sarah Cline said...

What a beautiful family y'all have, Emily. And you are looking amazing! How are you feeling? How is the pregnancy going?! Would love to hear more about upcoming birth plans!! Hugs to you and yours!