Anger Management.

{Who wouldn't love these good looking boys?}

I can have an explosive personality.  Ben used to describe me as a firework (really big and loud, but then the effect goes away really quickly).  I have a hard time when things don't go my way.  I have a tendency to overreact and not be able to control what comes out of my mouth.  It is a problem.  Especially now that I have kids. 
I have been working on controlling my anger with Ben for awhile, but it has just been recently that I realize that I need to work on it with my children.  I find myself getting so frustrated when Jack doesn't do exactly what I want him to.  I get frustrated when he plays quietly until Thomas falls asleep, and then he plays with all the loud toys on the wood floor, right by Thomas' door.  Ahhh! So...
Last week I made a goal of being nicer to my family.  It mostly worked.  I was so nice to Jack.  I don't think I yelled at Jack once!  {Amazing for me.}  Ben on the other hand made me mad one day and I got frustrated, yelled really loudly, and said some things I shouldn't have.  The next day things were fine, but I always feel so stupid for getting mad.  This time it was over something completely lame, and insignificant, but I let it get to me. Why do I do that?  I am restarting my goal, and I am going to try to hold my tongue (that is SO HARD for me to do) and not let things get to me.  Good luck to me. 

{In my defense, sleep has been a little lacking lately, which is when I can be at my worse.}

I love my little family, and wouldn't trade them for the world.  They make my life better.


Unknown said...

I have a book called "The Dance of Anger" - apparently it is really good (according to Amazon it has 4.5 stars out of 104 ratings). I bought it but never got around to reading it. Maybe I will once I have kids and realize that being pulled in many different directions can turn the dance of anger into a mosh pit.

jasonandjodie said...

I'm always working on the same thing. It is very hard and I've been doing much better even though I've been SUPER emotional - but for some reason right now that means crying a lot and not really getting angry upset. Jason says he prefers it that way, but I have a feeling it's just this pregnancy. We'll see. Good luck. I know you can do it - it's all one day at a time.

Hello There! said...

Oh, don't be too hard on yourself...sleep deprivation can cause people to react in ways they wouldn't normally. And I think it is really difficult sometimes to be patient with a 2 yr old. I mean, you can only tell them nicely so many times before finally breaking down and raising your voice. Harmony is the same way when Ben is asleep. She makes all sorts of racket, bumps into his bassinet, suddenly decides she needs a drink and screams for it. Ugh, what is it with kids and sleep?????

Janalu said...

I tell Matt that my horrible fighting habits that include yelling and name calling stem from having a same sex sibling close in age. I mean thats who I fought with most and loved most of course but it's how I learned to fight. Plus I imagine in you large family yelling was just one of the ways to be heard!

Rebekah said...

You are amazing.