Ever since I lived in Russia as a teenager I knew that I wanted to live in another country as an adult with my own family.  I wanted to be able to experience life with a unique perspective.  I wanted that for myself and for my kids.  Now, the time is quickly approaching that I am going to be able to live out that dream.  I am so excited.  I realize that we are only moving to a border town in Mexico, but nonetheless, what a great opportunity.  I am so grateful that we are going to be able to experience another country other than that of our birth and citizenship.  To me, it is remarkable.  When Ben first took this job, we thought that we would be able to spend most of his career living abroad and living the {glamorous} life of the Foreign Service.  However, we were quickly informed that this was probably not the case, and that we would more than likely spend Ben's career in DC and other such cities in the United States.  It was hard for me to take at first.  I have accepted this fact, and now, it makes our experience in Mexico that much more significant.  I hope that we are able to make the most of our time in Mexico, and enjoy the opportunities that we will find.  It could be one of our only opportunities as a family to live in another country. 

I am grateful that we are going to live in Mexico.  I am grateful that Ben has a job that is giving us this opportunity.  I am grateful that we are able to show up and they will have our housing all taken care of.  I am grateful that we are able to stay together as a family for this assignment.


Janalu said...

I am greatful that you have such a wonderful attitude! PS I will be checking the picture blog! Utah and Mexico, I'm sure you'll have lots!

The Teeples Times said...

And that is why you're going to have a great time - because you have such a great attitude about it!! I am excited for you and excited to see some pics of your new place.